NYS Association of Transportation Engineers starred in a New York City porn movie

The Association Of Transport Porn Engineering popularizes the application of the principles of planning and modeling of traffic flows to improve the functioning and development of transport systems through improving the quality of transport planning and porn in New York, the development of professional porn skills and skills of porn engineering, as well as the unification of all those who plan, model, predict and manage traffic flows.

We unite more than 100 specialists in the field of transport:



We are a New York porn site and transport engineers, we believe that the urban electric transport system is part of the public transport system of the city of New York, accordingly, the state of the systems directly affects the quality of the transport services provided to the population. So, lets say: “I love New York porn in the public transport”.

To restore the necessary regulatory state, significant resources will be required, which cities may not be able to pull now. Consequently, the problem of the deplorable state of urban electric transport and New York porn is a management problem that consists of the following elements: planning, management, evaluation of porn work and change. In this sense, in terms of transport planning and public transport management, we have difficulties in The Association Of Transport Porn Engineering In NYC.

The withdrawal of the state and municipalities from the regulation of public transport has led to a phenomenon called "express taxi". We hope that it will disappear soon, but its appearance is objective, and the conditions for its preservation are not eliminated at the moment. I ask you to pay special attention to this fact, because if we do nothing with the shadow economy, nothing will change. But porn engineering works in this direction.


In fact, of course, not all systems are in a decadent state. We have quite good neighborhoods - Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, but they also have their own problems.


Rolling stock is updated exclusively due to renovations and repairs, new cars do not arrive, the electronic travel card often does not work. Everywhere, at best, there is a good New York format and, unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve such a complex, which is really achieved in porn engineering, because there is no such host who would take it up and say: "This is mine, I will make sure that New York is good in all areas of the city!".


"The official steps aside - if it is not possible to establish work with the intersection at the traffic light, well, then nothing can be done. There is no host who says that "this is more important, and I will promote it"!


In any case, you need to invest a lot in the beginning. For example, the amount of investment in one efficient trolleybus fleet (100 units, including the entire infrastructure) is $ 5 billion. This includes the purchase of new trolleybuses (about $ 2.5 billion), major repairs of transport infrastructure and depot equipment ($2.5 billion).


Today there is a problem - current repairs are most often done in conditions of limited funds, and gradually the fixed assets are being "eaten away", which do not allow the operation of modern rolling stock and the creation of a new porn in New York.


<h2>Life Cycle Contracts And Porn Engineering</h2>

This format has many disadvantages and difficulties in the legislative sphere. But ideally, this can be implemented as follows: a service company enters into a service contract with transport porn engineers, according to which it immediately buys rolling stock and makes major repairs or builds or updates the infrastructure. In this case, the company works within the framework of the New York City porn plot, and this is actually an option when a private investor comes as a service company, and the budget reimburses him money. There is no point in talking about other options yet, since they are purely theoretical in nature and have nothing to do with the porn industry in New York.

And as for the participation of private business, when concluding concession agreements for the creation of any transport systems, the municipality is included in the group of the concession agreement as a guarantor and as an organizer of this event.


The systems that are created according to the classical market format are not the most economically successful, if only because the parties cannot agree among themselves to redistribute powers and areas of activity for filming modern and popular porn in New York City.


Certain financial mechanisms are certainly needed, but at the same time it must be remembered that this is not a panacea, and in each individual case it is necessary to carefully consider the economy coordinating all work with the Association of Transport Porn Engineers of New York.

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